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Beach Villas

Walking distance to Georgioupolis center and to Kalivaki beach

Creta Nova holiday resident complex presents an exquisite collection of five independent residences, each featuring private yards and individual swimming pools. Whether rented individually or combined in a configuration of your preference, these villas offer an exceptional holiday experience. Situated merely 350 meters from both the beach and the center of Georgioupolis, this peaceful and quiet locale provides a serene escape.

Comprising four 3-bedroom villas and one 4-bedroom villa, this complex is tailor-made to accommodate large families and groups of friends. The unique concept revolves around ensuring that everyone can revel in the shared location while also having the luxury of their own private retreat. Each villa is designed to offer a personalized haven, allowing for both communal enjoyment and individual relaxation. The harmonious blend of shared and private spaces creates a perfect balance, making Creta Nova an ideal destination for unforgettable group vacations.

Villa Uranos


Villa Oniro


Villa Astro


Villa Fantasia


Villa Campos