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Kalivaki beach

Nestled in the western region of Georgioupolis, our residence is situated near the confluence of the Almyros and Boutakas rivers, ensuring a constant flow of water throughout the year. The nearby Kalivaki beach, adorned with its stunning sandy shores, is uniquely influenced by the cold waters originating from these rivers and their fresh water springs. This picturesque beach is thoughtfully organized, featuring umbrellas, water sports facilities, and an array of restaurants in close proximity.

Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Kalivaki beach is particularly well-suited for families with young children, offering a safe and enjoyable environment. Even on windy days, the beach remains an excellent choice, providing a serene and comfortable setting for all visitors. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kalivaki beach, where the harmonious blend of nature and amenities creates a perfect retreat for families and beach enthusiasts alike.

Only 450 meters away from Creta Nova holiday resident complex

Georgioupolis beach

Spanning 10 kilometers, this sandy beach with dunes and shallow waters is a coastal gem extending 2 kilometers eastward from the Almyros river to Kavros beach, seamlessly blending into its natural surroundings. Embracing a harmonious union of nature and convenience, the beach is thoughtfully organized, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports facilities, vigilant lifeguards, and inviting restaurants serving local delicacies.

The expansive stretch of coastline caters to beachgoers seeking relaxation and recreation. Whether you’re lounging on the sunbeds, partaking in water sports adventures, or savoring local cuisine at the beachside restaurants, the well-equipped amenities enhance the overall beach experience. It’s essential to exercise caution on windy days due to potential sea currents, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors. Indulge in the beauty of this 10 km sandy haven, where the natural allure of dunes and gentle waters harmoniously coexists with modern amenities for a delightful seaside retreat.

Agios Nikolaos

The white chapel situated on a small rocky islet in the heart of the sea, stands as a tribute to Saint Nicholas, the revered protector of seafarers.

Embarking on a journey to reach this chapel promises an adventurous experience, navigating the slightly irregular rocks forming the mole. While the path may present a challenge, the reward of reaching the chapel makes the venture worthwhile.

However, it’s advised to exercise caution and avoid attempting the journey on windy days, ensuring both safety and enjoyment during your visit. The unique charm of Agios Nikolaos, set against the backdrop of the sea, invites those seeking both adventure and spiritual connection to savor the enchanting beauty of this coastal sanctuary.

Georgioupolis Harbor

To reach the quaint harbor of Georgioupolis, take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque road adorned with eucalyptus trees. A mere five-minute walk from Georgioupolis square will lead you to this charming harbor. Nestled at the mouth of the Almyros river, the harbor is a bustling scene with an array of fishing boats bobbing gently on the water.

This harbor is not just a scenic spot; it’s a hub of local activity. Residents often set out in their small boats or inflatables, either for a peaceful fishing expedition or to enjoy a refreshing swim in the bay of Georgioupolis or along the nearby coastline. The harbor embodies the authentic coastal lifestyle, where the connection to the sea is woven into the daily rhythm of the local community.

Georgioupolis square

Georgioupolis is positioned on the border between the eastern Rethymno Prefecture and the western Chania Prefecture, although administratively it falls under the jurisdiction of the latter. The encompassing region, known as Apokoronas, is characterized by its picturesque villages and lush landscapes. This area is renowned for its scenic beauty, featuring charming traditional villages and verdant surroundings, making it a captivating destination for those seeking the tranquility and charm of the Cretan countryside.

Almyros River

Almyros River in Georgioupolis is a significant natural feature that adds to the charm of the region.The river flows into the Sea of Crete, and its mouth is situated at the small harbor of Georgioupolis. It is known for its freshwater flow, creating a unique environment where the river meets the sea. The mix of freshwater and seawater contributes to the distinctive landscape and ecosystem in the area. The surroundings are often picturesque, with greenery along the riverbanks and nearby landscapes, adding to the natural beauty of the region. The river is not only a scenic attraction but also a spot for various activities. Local residents and visitors often use small boats or inflatables to navigate the river for fishing or leisurely trips. The river’s presence significantly influences the coastal town of Georgioupolis, providing a scenic backdrop and contributing to the unique charm of the area. Overall, Almyros River is not only a geographical feature but also an integral part of the local environment, offering both aesthetic appeal and recreational opportunities for those who visit the region.