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Kalivaki beach

Kalivaki is the westernmost beach of Georgioupolis near the exit of rivers Almyros and Boutakas, which have water all year round. It is a beautiful sandy beach and water, due to the rivers and fresh water springs is very cold. Kalivaki is well organized, with umbrellas, water sports and restaurants nearby. It is a good choice for children, especially when it is windy because this beach has better protection from the neighboring beach.

Only 0.45 km from Helios villas complex.

Georgioupolis beach

Georgioupolis beach is sandy with dunes in places and shallow waters and it is 10km long. Georgioupolis beach stretches 2km to the east, starting from the river Almiros and ending in Kavros beach, which is a natural extension of the first beach. Georgioupolis beach is sandy with dunes in places and shallow waters.

Agios Nikolaos

The white chapel is built on a small rocky islet, in the middle of the sea, and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the protector of seafarers.

You will experience a little adventure to reach the chapel, as the rocks forming the mole are a bit abnormal.

Nevertheless, it is worth a walk there. Just don’t attempt it on windy day!

Georgioupolis Harbor

From the square you come to the small harbor of Georgioupolis, five minutes’ walk away down the road lined with eucalyptus trees. The harbour is on the mouth of the River Almyros. There you will see fishing boats and people taking their small boats or inflatables out to fish or swim in the bay of Georgioupolis and off the nearby coast.

Georgioupolis square

Georgioupolis is on the border between Rethymno Prefecture to the east and Chania Prefecture to the west, although it belongs to the latter. The area around Georgioupolis is Apokoronas, with its picturesque villages and verdant landscape.

Almyros river